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For more than 15 years our team has been making models of yachts, superyachts, battleships and sailing ships of different epochs. We are constantly improving our technology of production and assemblage of the ship models.

Our work is based on respect for each customers interests and requirements. The fundamental principle of our work is the production of superior quality models. From 1995 to 2003 we actively participated in building up the collection of the Naval Museum in Monaco.

Our regular customers include large ship-building and broker companies of Russia, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, USA.

We produce only made-to-order models; however we can also assist you in selecting exclusive models for VIP-gifts.

Dmitry Babichev
Chief executive officer
babichev yachtmodels team

Contacts in Spain:

Urb.Tossal Gros, 82B, La Font D'en Carrós, 46717, Valencia, España

Tel.: +34 693 80 40 40

e-mail: babichev.models@gmail.com

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